Safety and Security

Safety and security is a cross-cutting theme not only for the Faculty of EEMCS, but for Delft University of Technology at large and - in fact - the whole of today’s society. Our perspective on the theme is a technical one, focusing on physical (remote) sensing abilities for public and industrial safety and security on the one hand, and on awareness and appropriate measures in cyberspace on the other. Whereas initially the two perspectives on safety and security were fairly independent, the advance of cyber-physical systems and Internet-of-Things (IoT) increasingly interweaves the physical and the cyber-domain. In this theme, we seek collaboration with other technical and non-technical disciplines via national and international collaborations. Particular domains of interest for the Faculty of EEMCS are smart grids in the context of the energy transition, cognitive sensing in the context of environment monitoring and autonomous driving, and cyber safety & security in the healthcare domain, e.g. of biomedical implants.