A New Journey

Hey there!

I am Laura and I am part of the DUT19 team.

As member of the Formula Student Team, I am in charge of designing PCBs that will be mounted on the car and will execute the electrical functions needed.

But before entering in details, I want to do a step back and spend a couple of words on the opportunity to join the team.

As most of you might know, everyone can join the team, no previous experience is required. The only requirement is that you have to be motivated and in for learning new amazing things.

From my personal point of view, this is a unique opportunity. It allows you to gain practical experience and to use the theory you study during courses in the real world, but that’s not all: being part of a team composed by 80 people helps you to understand what are the most important features a top team should have.

Well, I could stay here and write a very long list of pros for being part of the team but it might result boring for you reading it.

So, let’s move on the nerdy stuff!

In this first month, I have been working on the TSAL and BSPD schematics.

TSAL stands for Tractive System Active Light and has the main role of checking whenever the Tractive System is active.

While BSPD stands for Brake System Plausibility Device and has the main function of checking if hard brake occurs, then the motors don’t have to be fed by a large amount of current.

Both are important for safety reasons.

Getting started with the project is not as trivial as you might think because apart from the schematics, you have to get used to Altium. You might get crazy with all the shortcuts there are, but I find quite fun playing with it, you can also express your artistic talent like shown in the picture.

Footprint design of a resistor. The yellow lines are usually used for text that helps you reading the PCB. (Unfortunately, I am not the author of this artwork)

Well guys, if you are curious and want to know more, just pass by the dream hall and ask us whatever you would like to know.