Christmas Holidays?

Hi! Welcome again! The design phase is nearly finished and it is time to get ready for testing the new designs. Some of the international members of the team are going home for Christmas so we won’t be able to work and test the designs until the end of the holidays. Of course, other members will still be working during this time, because building an electric race car is a time-consuming task and we all need to give our best and work as many hours as possible.

But going back home is also important, because in my case, I have been away from my family since the start of the academic year, almost 4 months. I hope that seeing them, will give me strength to come back to Delft with more energy and enthusiasm to keep improving the car.

The testing phase has started for some departments and using the DUT17 as reference, they can compare performances and achieve better results. But in powertrain, we plan to do that after holidays.

Since teamwork is always important in a Formula Student Team, going back home for almost 2 weeks is going to be hard. But thanks to internet we can still talk to each other and continue working in the designs for the car.

What we can still do if we are away from our working place, is to improve our designs with the feedback that we will receive right before Christmas from the team members of past years. This way we will be ready to the test phase and we can immediately start when we return.