Finishing up the preliminary designs

Hello! My name is Remon van Duijnen. I am a student Electrical Engineering and currently function as engineer powertrain at the Formula Student team delft. This is my first year at the team. This blog is about finishing up the preliminary designs.

The team has now been fully operational for a good few months. Research has been done, concepts have been created, and now it is time to finish the preliminary design. For me, as an electrical engineer from the powertrain department, this means finishing up the schematics for my PCB. 

This PCB in particular uses many elements like a processor, FPGA and many other integrated circuits. A lot of effort and research goes into making sure the various signals such as Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) signals and differential pairs are handled correctly. Thankfully we, at Formula Student Team Delft, get to work with some of the best software to get the job done. For PCB design we use Altium Designer. For electrical engineers using programs like this is a small dream come true! All of the knowledge gained in the Electrical Engineering Bachelor can finally be used to create your very own PCB. I can assure all of the engineers that finishing up your schematics and starting to create the PCB in 3D is very exciting! 

For the people creating PCB's it is also very exciting to finally be able to send your design to tbp electronics, with whom we have a nice collaboration. Be sure to check out Rami's blog from November 1 about our excursion to tbp!

Check in again soon for more blogs!