High Hopes

Hi, my name is Antonio Rueda and this is my first year in the team. I am currently working with Carlo at the powertrain department. Last year, I was working for a company that develops car parts. I was participating in the Electronics Design of headlamps and rearlamps of cars that we can see everyday on the streets. As an engineer, it is amazing to see something in the real world that you were part of (lighting is just a small contribution to the whole car and still it was amazing). This team gives us the chance to do the same but in a greater magnitude. We are going to develop a full car! Lots of people are doing their best to build an electric car, every part of it. It is going to be a long way until we complete this goal but we know that it is possible, the team has managed to do this all these years. I can’t wait to see the results of everyone’s work but we have to be patience and careful. A minimum error from one part of the car can lead the whole team to a catastrophe, not allowing us to participate in the competitions.

Since we are in the Power Train department, we are in charge of the generation and the delivery of power to the car. We need to do this with the maximum efficiency and with the minimum response time to allow the car to respond the way that the driver wants.

Right now, after the concept review phase, we have so much to work on. Thanks to the experience and feedback from other year students, we know that we have to be aware of everything around us, not just the part or even the department we are working on. We all need to cooperate to design and build the best and fastest car possible. This way, we will see something of our own creation participating and winning the competitions, which is more satisfactory than just see headlamps or rearlamps.