Introducing: María

My name is María. This is my first year in the Netherlands, first year in the Formula Student Delft, first year in a Master Programme... Everything is very new to me here. 

I come from Spain. One of the first things I remember as a kid, when playing, is having this super cool Audi radio-controlled car. Using it was indeed a lot of fun, but I soon got tired of that and tried something different with it. I tried to open it to see what there was in the inside. I was so puzzled by the way all the technology worked around me that needed to see if there was some small genious inside of the car or something. Now I didn't get to see much, because I took daddy's huge screwdrivers and obviously got injured because I had no idea of how to use them. I still have a small scar in my hand as a reminder. After that, I tried a lot of other kamikaze stuff, like putting my hands deep inside of a VHS player or just disassembling everything. I started to see and understand more, with time. That curiosity and that amazement with new things, that constant need to understand everything, is what I find most important in an engineer, and is what made me join this team (now with bigger and better tools, yay!). It is what made me go through my entire Bachelor thinking Electronics is rad and what I felt when I saw a DUT car for the first time at the Dreamhall. When you get older you see people around you who don't have any curiosity or excitement at all about anything, and wonder when exactly that happened. They sure were not like that as kids! 

So I'm not going to talk about anything technical today. I'm just going to talk about that spark that made us all gather together here, giving away a part of our free time just to "play" with a Formula 1 electric car. When I had my first meeting with the Chief of Electronics, Mathijs, he gave the whole Electronics Department this presentation about technical aspects of the car and rules we had to meet. At the end of it, he showed us a really cool video about Formula Student Germany, and we all had the same look in our eyes. "Yes! Let's build a car!"

In my case, I have to do it with what I was always looking for in electronics stuff. The brains! The ECU, or Electronic Control Unit, which is in charge of all the main processing of signals and communications within the car. I couldn't have wished for a better part to do, and every time I understand something new about it I have lots of fun. I have a great team with people just as motivated as me, and I am sure we will do something great despite of the difficulties we may encounter.