Making the connections

By Maurits Van Herwijnen

Now that you have seen some of the PCB’s that we will use, we must think about connecting them all. After compiling all the PCB’s and other devices that need to be connected, we can get a overview of what connections to which component needs to be made.

As there are so many different wires in the car it is easy to lose sight of which is which and forget some. That’s why Daniel made a top-level overview of all the electrical components in the car. This makes it much easier to see the connections between components and makes wiring much easier!

It’s important when making the list of connections to include what current will be running there, as this will influence the connector choice. Since we are building a electric racing car we need to be able to handle high currents. Our accumulator can deliver peaks up to 190 Amp. Specialized connectors are needed to be able to handle these high current loads.

When choosing the connectors it is also important to assess the situation where they will be used. In some situations the connectors are exposed to the elements. To make sure the wiring keeps working there will be a IP68 ingress protection level at these connectors. This can be achieved by a combination of boots and epoxy. Vibrations are a big problem as well. The forces on the car can get quite big during the race, so the connectors must withstand these forces without failing.

After all these factors have been reviewed the correct connector for the situation can be chosen.