Onno's experience

My name is Onno Twisk, second year bachelor student in the field of Electrical Engineering. I signed up for the Formula Student Team Delft, and I am so glad I did. Here is why:

Working on the latest and greatest iteration of our race car challenges me in a way the first year of a bachelor never could. There is no manual, no technical assistants that already know the answers and most certainly no answer sheet. Everything we build we build from the ground up, only revisiting older designs for inspiration and to prevent making the same mistakes. This year I am working on the AMS, the system that monitors the high voltage accumulator present in our car. This means that I have to work together with oh so many people. For example, I need to work with the people that design the accumulator housing, that pick the cells, that organize the car and of course with the people that design the software that is going to be running on my part. This forces you to work together with a lot of people coming with many different backgrounds and educations, instead of just the people from my epo group.

Apart from that you learn very practical designing skills. The bachelor Electrical Engineering can be practical at times, but mostly is just very theoretical and more often than not you’re designing something on the computer and then simulating it instead of actually designing a PCB and seeing it perform in real life. I think that a good engineer needs to be well-versed in both.