Routing, routing everywhere

By Laura Donadoni

Hey there!

During the last few weeks, the team has been working hard, the electrics department have been focusing on the first PCBs version.

While electronics engineers have been completed the schematics and started routing the PCBs, software engineers have been performed tests on the board used.

Personally, I have been working on the ECU, both schematics and routing. Mainly, this PCB has to interface many parts of the car as the AMS master, the motor controllers, and it has to perform a lot of features such as safety, logging, enhancing the performance, you can think of it as the brain of the car.

Routing the ECU has not been so trivial, it is a 4 layers PCB and I do not recall the number of components on it. Before starting routing, it is important that you do a detailed plan of how to distribute the components on the board, otherwise, the number of crossing signals will drive you crazy if you didn’t plan them beforehand. But at the end was quite fun working on the routing for almost 12 hours and finally finishing at 3.30 am and then starting screaming in the empty Dream Team hall.

In the next few weeks, we will be planning the testing part of the PCB and waiting for them to be produced.

Of course, we are not machines and we do not work all day long (except our chief :P ).  We also take some time for having fun all together and for knowing each other better. For example, we organised a paintball match a couple of weeks ago and we also spent an entire Saturday cleaning the electronics room at the dream hall. Okay, maybe the latter one wasn’t really an activity organised for the specific aim to have fun but it was more ‘if you arrive late at any meeting you’ll have to clean the electronics room’. But it was fun seeing that almost the all department was there ;)