The Nervous System

Hi! My name is Ciarán Lichtenberg and I will be responsible for the wiring in the car this year. Wiring is an underrated subject of the car, but it is really important that the wiring is done right. If a wire does not function properly, the whole car could stop functioning.

Every component is connected to each other by wiring. The two basic parts it consists of are wires and connectors. The connectors connect the wires to the components. They should be rated for the highest current that will be put through the connector.

There are a lot of factors that influence the signal in a wire. The resistance of long wires can influence the signal a lot. This resistance causes a voltage drop over the wire. The voltage at the end of the wire can therefore be lower than the voltage at the beginning. Because some components do need a voltage of a certain value, you do not want the voltage to change much because of this resistance in the wire.

Another factor that influences the signals on the wires is EMI, which stands for Electromagnetic Interference. EMI comes from areas with high amounts of current like the motors. It creates a lot of noise in the signal and because of that, the signal isn’t nice and clean anymore. To prevent this from happening, EMI shielding can be applied at the cables. EMI shielding consists of a metal layer which stops the EMI from getting to the wire itself.

Wiring is essential for the car to function properly. Therefore, it should be designed with much thought.