The Pinnacle of Competitions

The team is currently at Formula Student Germany, the final race and biggest event of the year. In our team goal we stated that we will win this competition, and we are pushing our limits to achieve just that! Right now, it is the third day of the event. At a competition like this, the car is first put through extensive scrutineering, where the car will be checked to see if it is rule compliant. The static events are also happening right now. This consists of presentations where the design of the car is presented, a cost-analysis of the car is done, and the business plan is defended. In a few days, the dynamic events will start. This is the most exciting part of the competition, as we will see the car race against other Formula Student cars built by motivated students all around the world. 

Delft is famous for bringing it’s aptly named ‘Delft-Truck’ to the competitions. This truck contains a collection of components, machinery and tools to help out ourselves and other teams in case of problems. A specially assigned truck crew has made this truck their second home, and various orders have already been fulfilled. The next couple of days will be very exciting for the team, and we hope that all our team effort throughout the year will pay off. Let’s own the pinnacle of competitions, let’s win Formula Student Germany!