Wired In

By Remon van Duijnen

Hi! Remon tuning in again. Last time I spoke about finishing up for the Preliminary design reviews. Timing seems to immaculate as this time the electronics team is finishing up their work for the detailed design reviews! This means that the PCB's we have been working on all this time are now completely finished, which is of course very exciting!

All of the placement of components in the 3D models is done, and the puzzle of routing has finally come to an end. Routing, or connecting all of the components on the PCB if you will, at first seems to be an easy and quick task, but an engineer should never underestimate the troubles bad routing could give.

As I said, the detailed design review is coming up. This will be the last official review by the TC (Technical Committee) on our parts. After this review, the PCB's will be finished up and send out to Eurocircuits and tbp electronics for production. After staring at your creation for a bit, the time for testing has come. A nerve-wrecking moment as this is when you will find out if the PCB your created will actually work, I can't wait! Beers on me for the Engineers who get their PCB working first time!