Wired In

The wiring phase of the car has finally begun. A lot of the electrical components of the car have been placed in the right place in the car, so this enables us to start wiring everything. While wiring, a lot of things have to be in consideration. You want the wires to be as short as possible, to save weight and resources. But at the same time, you want the wires to have a little more length to let them have some maneuverability.

Then another important consideration is too separate the High Voltage and Low Voltage wires as far away from each other as possible. The High Voltage wires give a lot of EMI, which can deliver a lot of noise in the low voltage signals.

The wires are connected to the devices by connectors. These connectors need to be chosen carefully as well. Each device has its own number of connections, so the right connector needs to be chosen for it with the same (or more) number of pins. The connector also needs to be able to handle the current amounts which will flow through it. For example, the connector on the accumulator must be able to handle peak currents of around 200 Ampere.

Because there are so many wires in the car, it is very easy to lose your head over them. This is why Mathijs made a top-level chart of the entire electrical system in the car. Using this chart makes the entire wiring process much easier to do.

In a few weeks, the wiring should be done and all wire lengths and connector types should be known.