Agility in Engineering

Auteur: Bernd Kreynen

Within our studies we’ve always learned how important it is as an engineer to be able to adapt quickly to changes in requirements. When working in a dream team this is one aspect you certainly notice. Varying time and budget constraints influence the design choices regularly.
One example of this is the safety control unit which I’ve given a few updates on in the past blogs. Originally the idea was to print our own custom PCB for this. However while designing this we noticed that we have a limited amount of knowledge for this within the team (only a few people within the team have an electrical engineering background) and a limited amount of time to gain this knowledge. Furthermore the safety control unit needs to interact with other components in the motorcycle like the motor controller and battery management system for which the choices also remain unclear as of yet. This created a need for a new design for the safety control unit with which we could more easily go through different prototype iterations. Therefore the design of the safety control unit now utilizes more pre-made components (like an Arduino micro) that allow us to have a great deal of flexibility and with which more of the team has experience. This approach also still allows us to print a custom PCB based on this prototype if we do happen to find, but we can focus on getting a working prototype first.

Working on the design of a new safety control unit in easyEDA, an online editor which you can use to draw circuits and collaborate on them with other people