Geographic Data Visualization

The races for our team are getting closer, this means we’re moving on from designing to implementing our systems. But before you fully implement a system it is important to verify the assumptions made in your design. Therefore past week I’ve been working on doing this for the safety control unit of our bike. I put together the design we made from a few breakout boards hooked up to an Arduino. This allows me to test whether all the components I selected behave as I expect (e.g. are they able to switch the relays in the bike properly?). After this has been verified the design is converted to one where the breakout boards and the Arduino are integrated into one PCB. This step is relatively easy since both the design of the Arduino and of all the breakout boards I’ve selected is open source, meaning we can easily combine the design while making some small adaptations for our specific application.

Figure 1 Testing the breakout boards
Visualization of some test data