Honours Programme Delft

Honours Programme for Master students (20 EC extra) at the Faculty E.E.M.C.S.

TU Delft offers talented and motivated students the opportunity both to invest more time in their own area of study and to broaden their horizon at the same time. If you feel ready to take on an extra challenge and wish to broaden your horizon beyond your regular course of studies, the Honours Programme for Master students (HPM) may provide just that for you!

The main aim of the HPM is to develop talent and initiative. This entails that students are taught:

  • to master their discipline of choice and exercise it at a higher level,
  • to develop a broad horizon and see beyond the boundaries of their discipline,
  • to play a prominent role within and outside their own discipline and
  • to make a significant contribution to society.

You can choose your area of interest or make a combination.

If you have what it takes to meet that extra challenge and if you complete your Honours Programme successfully, then you can count on a valuable addition to your c.v. In general companies highly appreciate students, alumni and employees,  who of course have shown to be competent in a specific knowledge domain, but also have extra skills and experiences. Enrolling in the HPM will enable you to gain these extra skills and experiences, so it will certainly improve your prospects in the job market. You will also receive a special Honours Programme certificate from the university.

Honours Programme for Master students

The HPM consists of 20 ECTS in addition to the regular MSc degree programme: an individual part of 15 ECTS and a common part of 5 ECTS. The individual part is up to you. You may try to broaden your scope and follow courses at other faculties or seek in depth (research/development) projects at your own or another faculty (individually or in a group/mono disciplinary or multidisciplinary). The programme gives you the opportunity to collaborate with experts and to have personal supervision in an early stage of your master programme. The end product can be a scientific paper or report.

To receive an extra Honours Programme TU Delft certificate you have to finish your master programme and the extra honours programme in two years with a maximum delay of 3 months. If you want to finish your master programme ‘cum laude’ only the grades for the regular programme are taken into account.

Honours community

If you are selected for the Honours Programme you become a member of the TU Delft community for honours students. The community has been set up to enhance the mutual exchange and networking amongst honours students and to inspire each other. The community has a board and organises all kind of activities for honours students.

Application and selection

The HPM is meant to meet your intellectual curiosity and to help you to form opinions and be creative. It appeals to your perseverance, academic leadership, and sense of moral standards. To participate in the Honours Programme you should be highly motivated, have good grades (GPA of 7.5/ 3-3.5) and have passed all the courses of the bachelor programme in the nominal duration time with a maximum delay of 6 month. If you do not meet all of these entrance criteria, but if you’re highly motivated to do the HPM you still have the opportunity to apply.

Students will be selected by the departments on the basis of a written application(see template beneath this text). In your application you have to describe your honours project together with the name of the member of the scientific staff from our department, who will supervise you.

Next to this we can only admit you into the programme after your results of the first quarter are available. These grades are part of the selection. We expect from honours students a study progress in the first quarter of at least 15 EC and a G.P.A. of 7.5 or higher for the courses in the regular programme.

Application for this extra programme is only possible in the first year of their regular master programma. In the second year application is not possible anymore. If you have any questions, please contact the HPM coordinator at programmesupport-eemcs@tudelft.nl.

EEMCS Template HPM proposal