Testimonial Aron Koekkoek

Provides a clear overview as well as in depth information about for example solar energy

As a mechanical engineering student I wanted to do a minor that would broaden my knowledge, but would still be quite technical. Sustainable energy production will be one of the major issues in engineering the coming decades. Only few people know something about the facts of the technologies behind it, while the newspapers write about sustainability every day. These things made Electrical Sustainable  Energy Systems my first choice. It is also one of the few TU Delft minors with electives; at least two courses can be chosen from four electives, which accounts for 6EC.

The first quarter provides an introduction to electrical engineering, a project consisting of practical assignments and an overview of sustainable technologies. There is a good balance between the courses and I learned  lot of new things, for example about electrical machines in ‘’Introduction to Electrical Power Engineering Part 1’’.  As an elective, I chose Introduction to Wind Energy, simple because I found the subject interesting. In this quarter, the workload might differ per person due to different study backgrounds, but will certainly not be too high or too low.

The second quarter is more in depth. In the project course, an electricity grid for a number of households is modelled in Matlab and Simulink which I personally liked a lot. The course ‘’Solar cells’’  goes into the physics behind solar energy. Also electrical power engineering is further dealt with.  The elective I chose explains energy markets and how they might evolve the coming years.

I am very glad that I chose this minor and I can honestly recommend it to people who want to do something different than they are used to, in one of the most important topics these days. It is also more than just sustainability, as you will learn a lot about electrical power engineering  in general too.