Testimonial Samuel Tuppen

A fun opportunity to finally satisfy my curiosity

Hi I'm Samuel Tuppen,

Before starting the ESES minor I was interested in how sustainable energy methods, such as solar panels and wind turbine worked. However I never knew where to even start to learn about them. So, when I saw that this minor was available I thought I would be a fun opportunity to finally satisfy my curiosity. And this minor delivered! A wide range of material is covered, from how exactly the sustainable energy sources work, to how they are connected together and each play their own role on a large scale. But the minor isn’t just limited to sustainable methods; there is also an introductory course to electrical power engineering, which was completely different from what I had done in my major. That was a refreshing change. The lab work during the minor was also nice as it made it possible to instantly apply part of the knowledge that was learned in the classroom into a hands on project.

All in all, it was a fun and interesting minor to study.