About DIAM

Mathematics has become a key enabling technology for innovations shaping our modern society. With a clear focus on furthering our understanding of complex systems in science, society and technology, DIAM covers a broad spectrum of research: from fundamental work aimed at understanding systems at a deep structural level (e.g. Operator Theory) to the development of tailor-made mathematical models and tools that can be used in a variety of domains (e.g. mathematical modeling of wound healing).

The department has a leading role in the theme Computational Science & Engineering. Besides educating its own students, the department takes care of all mathematics teaching in other programmes at EEMCS and at other faculties (service teaching).The Programme Innovation Mathematics Education (PRIME) is part of interfaculty teaching. This programme is all about redesigning mathematics courses for engineers.Recently, two popular MOOCs, Pre-University Calculus and Credit Risk Management, were developed. The departmentā€™s aim is to sustain and strengthen its position as a highly qualified research and educational institution.