EXCALIBUR (acronym for EXpert CALIBRation) is a Windows program that allows parametric and quantile input from experts for continuous uncertain quantities and combines these according to the methods described in R. M. Cooke "Experts in Uncertainty", Oxford University Press 1991. In particular user-weights, equal weights and performance based weights are supported. Robustness analysis shows how sensitive the results are to choice of expert and choice of calibration variables. Discrepancy analysis shows how the experts differ from a Decision Maker. Output is compatible with modern text processors and spreadsheets.

This new all-in installation package includes also a help file. IMPORTANT: If you have already a previous version of Excalibur installed, please uninstall it first, before installing the new one.
Download: Excalibur v1.0 (700 Kbytes) - verified to run succesfully under MS Windows 9x, 2000, XP
This version of the program has been compiled on September 2nd, 2007. After downloading of the file, run it to install the software.

Screenshots of Excalibur v1.0

Experts view

Items view

Assessments view

Run dialog

Scores view

Solution view

Range view