Mathematical minors

Minors offered by Applied Mathematics

  • How does your navigation find the shortest route from A to B?
  • How do you determine the price of stocks?
  • Differential equations turn up everywhere in your studies. Do you actually know how to solve them?
  • How do you develop premium quality packaging while at the same time minimizing the impact to the environment
  • How do you optimize call-center staff while maintaining faster service compared to the competition?
  • You want to develop an even better autopilot!
  • You are sitting on a pile of data. Which statistical methods van you use to make sense of it all?

There is a lot to want. Maybe you also want to solve some of the above problems? It might not be immediately apparent, but in answering above questions, mathematical models play a central role.

Not just in science but also in society at large you will find all kinds of problems that can be caught in a mathematical formulation or a model. When you decide to take a mathematical minor, you will learn just how to do that.

Applied mathematics offers two interesting minors (meant for students from a different study).