Education Day 2020 (November 2020) with the corresponding link to the PRIME Demo-zone

InterTU Studyday (June 2020)

The Educator (Newsletter Teaching Academy TU Delft, May 2020)

InterTU Studyday (October 2019)

MIT online seminars

CDIO 2018 Kanazawa

Visit to MIT Boston (20190429-20190502, PRIME represented by Annoesjka)

Blended Learning Panel (20190704, participated by Fokko)

CDIO 2018 Kanazawa

Henk Dekker Award for Educational Innovation (in 2018, Annoesjka was nominated at the Center for Education and Learning)

Price for excellence in collaboration and innovation (September 2017) 

Grasple customer stories 

PRIME lunches (postponed)

Would you like to attend a PRIME-lecture? Please send an email to PRIME@TUDelft.nl 

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