Steering Committee 2020-2021

To make PRIME a success, the steering committee consists of stakeholders from different layers from the university. Members of the committee are kept informed of the progress of the programme in the fields of education method, return, transfer and efficiency. Challenges within the programme are being shared, on which the steering committee provides recommendations. These are the current members of the committee:

  • Rob Mudde (Vice-President of Education)
  • Jenny Brakels (Department Head Academic Services)
  • Lucas van Vliet (Dean of the faculty of AS)
  • John Schmitz (Dean of the faculty of EEMCS)
  • Hans Hellendoorn (Director of education of the faculty 3mE)
  • Geert-Jan Houben (Director of education of the faculty EEMCS)
  • Hans Welleman (Director of education of the faculty CEG)
  • Geurt Jongbloed (Chair of the Mathematics department: DIAM)
  • Eef Bosveld (Commissioner of Bachelor Education CEG)
  • Wieger Verbeek (Commissioner of Bachelor Affairs AE)