Work in Progress

In every area of expertise, a scientific coordinator works together with lecturers and student assistants to ensure that the materials and the blended way of teaching remain updated. This academic year, the focus of the programme will be on Linear Algebra, Differential Equations and Probability and Statistics.

For Linear Algebra, more exam questions will be collected to extend the collection in Grasple. Also, improvements will be made to the existing videos. An overall improvement of efficiency within this field will take place. A new teaching method will be developed to enhance student's understanding of TRUE/FALSE questions (conceptual understanding of the topic).

Concerning Differential Equations, this area of expertise has just been added to PRIME. On the basis of feedback, parts will be updated.

When it comes to Probability and Statistics, the existing exercises (set up in Grasple) need to be improved. The slides of the course will also be adapted. More examples to illustrate the use of this mathematical topic in the engineering fields will be added.