Lunch Colloquium

"What is ...?"


Did you, as a student of Applied Mathematics, ever asked yourself:

‘Hey, where in my study do they teach me all these cool applications and cutting-edge developments in Applied Mathematics that were promised to me at the Open Days?’

Or did you, as one of the researchers of the Delft Institute of Applied Mathematics ever think:

‘If I had known before that my colleagues at DIAM have a strong track record in a scientific field that complements my own research interests we could have submitted a joint proposal so that the chances for my scientific idea to be funded would have been much better?’

As a mater of fact, there are only very few events (Open Days for students, yearly ‘Wetenschapsdag’ for researchers) at which all the six groups of DIAM have the opportunity to exchange information about their research work. The lunch colloquium ‘What is …?’ aims at changing this situation by bringing together students and researchers from all fields of Applied Mathematics on a regular basis. In contrast to the regular (group) colloquia that target at a specialized audience with pre-knowledge in the particular fields, this event provides the unique opportunity to share your research interests with interested students and researchers throughout the entire department of Applied Mathematics.


The lunch colloquium 'What is …?' is a unique platform for researchers and students to present and discuss selected topics from all fields of Applied Mathematics related to ongoing and future research projects at the department. It is of course a balancing act to make this event equally attractive for BSc/MSc students, PhD candidates and senior researchers at the same time. If you are a professional researcher or a PhD student we invite you to take this challenge and present your research in a 30 minutes lunch lecture (+15 minutes discussion). As a rule of thumb, the goal should be to require only material that is part of the curriculum of the Bachelor in Applied Mathematics as pre-knowledge.

What is the benefit of it for me as a researcher?

Applied Mathematics has become one of the driving forces in finding solutions to the world's most urgent problems such as environmental friendly transportation systems, forecasting and analysis of epidemia, the generation and distribution of energy, or the prediction of the global financial markets. The successful acquisition of funding by NWO, STW, and the European Commission requires more than a sound mathematical approach. Interdisciplinary collaboration as well as dissemination and utilization of research results beyond your own field become important factors for success in grant applications.

The lunch colloquium ‘What is…?’ will give you a broad audience to disseminate your research results among professionals and students and to discuss possibilities for future collaboration.

What is the benefit of it for me as a BSc/MSC or PhD student?

Did you know that the Gauss Divergence theorem (taught in the Calculus course), is one of the essential mathematical tools to derive the fundamental laws of nature (Conservation laws taught, e.g., in Advanced Numerical Mathematics), which form the basis to perform theoretical analysis and numerical simulations of many types of fluid flows, which, ultimately, are required to develop optimized aircraft engines with reduced pollutant, noise, and CO2 emission (European research programme Clean Sky)? This link between a more than 250 years old theorem and one of the most ambitious aeronautical research programmes ever launched in Europe is not what is typically taught in Bachelor and Master courses. However, it may very well be that knowing these interrelations may influence your Master specialization and/or your decision for starting a PhD study in a particular scientific field.

The lunch colloquium ‘What is…?’ will give you an overview of research activities at our department and help you in finding your future position in the big picture of applied mathematics at TU Delft.

We, the organizers of this colloquium hope that you will find this platform useful for getting ideas for interesting topics of your Masters thesis or for starting the discussion on a possible PhD study.

Time and Location

The colloquium takes place every third Wednesday of the month during lunchtime (12:45 - 13:30) in lecture hall Data at EWI. Free lunch will be served. Please register for the free lunch.



Title of the talk




14/10/2020 Dr. Ir. Lisanne Rens What is mathematical cell biology?    
18/11/2020 Dr. Anurag Bishnoi What is Ramsey theory?  
16/12/2020 Dr. Elena Pulvirenti What is metastability?    
13/01/2021 Dr. Deepesh Toshniwal    
17/02/2021 Dr. Stefan Grosskinsky    
17/03/2021 Dr.Piao Chen What is generalized pivotal quantity?  
14/04/2021 Dr. Hanne Kekkonen What is an inverse problem?  
19/05/2021 Dr. Kateryna Marynets    

Contact persons

This lunch colloquium is jointly organized by members of the six groups of the department. If you want to know more about it and/or are interested in presenting your work please contact one of the contact persons: