Dr. J. (Jonas) Thies

Dr. J. (Jonas) Thies



Jonas has more than 20 years of experience in HPC and scientific computing with applications in CFD, climate research and quantum physics. Specifically he has worked on:

  • domain decomposition methods for sparse linear systems
  • implicit ocean models
  • sparse eigenvalue problems on heterogeneous supercomputers
  • code optimization for multi-core CPU´s and vector processors
  • software and performance engineering for scientific applications


Jonas Thies has a Bachelor degree in Computational Engineering (Erlangen 2003), a Master in Scientific Computing (KTH Stockholm, 2006) and a PhD in applied mathematics (Groningen 2011). He spent two years at the Center for Interdisciplinary Mathematics in Uppsala, after which he moved to Cologne as a Scientific Employee of the German Aerospace Center (DLR) Institute for Software Technology. There he led a research group on parallel numerics from 2017 to 2021. Since June 2021 he is an Assistant Professor at the Delft High Performance Computing Center DHPC.


  • ESSEX (Equipping Sparse Solvers for the EXa-scale, 2013-2019). A DFG-funded collaboration to research and develop sparse eigenvalue solvers for extreme-scale heterogeneous supercomputers, with applications in quantum physics (https://blogs.fau.de/essex)
  • HGF PilotLab ExaESM (2018-2021), a collaborative project to investigate new ways to scale climate research to the next generation of supercomputers, funded by the Helmholtz organization (https://exaesm.de)

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