Master of Science (MSc)

TU Delft offers English taught MSc programmes that take two years (four semesters, 120 ECTS) and starts in September. The first year comprises theoretical study, assignments and laboratory work. The second year is largely devoted to the final thesis. Electrical Sustainable Energy Track is one of the MSc specialization tracks in Master of Science in Electrical Engineering and the following courses are offered by DCE&S:

Power Electronics - ECTS: 4
Electrical Power Engineering - ECTS: 4
Photovoltaic Systems - ECTS: 4
Electrical Machines and Drives - ECTS: 4
A.C. Machines - ECTS: 4
Control of Electrical Drives - ECTS: 5
Advanced Power Electronics - ECTS: 4
Electronic Power Conversion - ECTS: 4
Design of Low-power Power Supplies - ECTS: 3
DC and AC Microgrids - ECTS: 3
Diag. for High Voltage Assets and Lab - ECTS: 4

What you will learn

When you join TU Delft’s track in Electrical Sustainable Energy, you will get an in-depth understanding of the challenges that electrical power engineers must overcome. The programme covers a wide range of issues, including renewable energy, smart grids, environmentally friendly material technologies, the decentralisation of power generation, power-systems operation, power electronics and electrical machines.

Master of Science Sustainable Energy Technology

Students that follow the Interfaculty Master of Science Sustainable Energy Technology may do their thesis projects with the DCE&S group if they have a bachelor in electrical engineering or related fields. They are expected to do at least three of the above courses.

More information

For more information download the brochure. You may find information about application, programme details and testimonials in the following link - Electrical Sustainable Energy Track. Contact the master coordination mentioned below for any questions.

Master coordinator

L.M. Ramirez Elizondo
T: +31 (0)15 27 81848 

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