Research Areas

Research Projects

The following research projects are currently being pursued in the DCE & S group. 
Click on the project title for a detailed description.

Design of Reliable Power Electronics Converter for High Power Electrolysis Systems

R. (Rohan) Deshmukh

Hybrid energy storage systems as multi-carrier flexibility providers

J. (Joel) Alpízar-Castillo

Reliability of Power Electronic Interfaces for EV (Electric Vehicles) Fast-charging Application

F. (Faezeh) Kardan Halvaei

Cyber security of power electronic-based systems

J. (Junjie) Xiao

Reliability of Grid Connected Power Electronics Converter Systems

M. (Miad) Ahmadi

Design, modelling, and control for wireless power transfer: applications in future transportation

G. (Gangwei) Zhu

Optimal Power Flow Control in Wireless Power Transfer for EV Charging

G. (Guangyao) Yu
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