Metrology for inductive charging of electric vehicles

Inductive charging based on resonant coupling is a promising charging technology that will be deployed by manufacturers of electric vehicles and/or by their suppliers in the near future. This technology offers many advantages, such as the possibility of charging along the route and no need to get off the vehicle to recharge, small batteries, high autonomy, high-efficiency power transmission as well as a reduction of CO2 emissions and oil consumption.

The accepted H2020 project with 13 partners and total budget 1,8 Meuro aims at simultaneously and accurately measuring the efficiency of the inductive power transfer (IPT) and the actual transferred power to the vehicle and also provides the means to sound and reliably demonstrate compliance with existing safety standards for human exposure. For this purpose, the consortium will develop the metrology support necessary for this technology and for the development of high-efficiency couplers for inductive charging of electric vehicles (EVs).

Pavol Bauer

Jianning Dong