Power quality of EV Fast Charging

Project description

Power electronics can influence the stability and harmonics of the grid, and the impact is getting critical when the penetration of the power electronics in the gird is getting high. The issue has been found in wind farms, and other power electronics based grid. Therefore, the same issue is also anticipated to happen in fast charging station.

In order to better understand and solve the issue, the following contributions will be developed under this project:

  • Harmonics and resonance of high power chargers connected to the weak grid (high grid impedance) will be studied, especially when several high power chargers are connected in the same weak grid.
  • The impact of different parameters, including the impedance and load of the grid, the hardware, in particular, the power filter, control, and operation point of the charger, etc., on the harmonics and resonance, will be studied.
  • The harmonics and resonance of the high power charger will be modelled.
  • A charging station will be modelled based on the model of single high power charger.
  • Grid friendly control strategies and power filter design of the charger will be proposed to mitigate the harmonics and damp the resonance in the grid.
  • With the proposed harmonic and resonance mitigation measure, the charging station will be assured to fulfil the IEEE standards regarding power quality.

This project is in cooperation with ElaadNL.

PhD candidate:

Lu Wang: L.Wang-11@tudelft.nl


Zian Qin: Z.Qin-2@tudelft.nl


Pavol Bauer: P.Bauer@tudelft.nl


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