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23 July 2019

Best Paper Award for the 2018 IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics to TU Delft

Best Paper Award for the 2018 IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics to TU Delft

16 July 2019

Project Olindo Isabella awarded for funding by NWO

The project "Colour coated solar panels for the built environment” is awarded for funding by NWO and will kick off in September.

25 June 2019

The magic of multi-functional Photovoltaic Windows

27 May 2019

Arno Smets appointed Mission Innovation Champion

Professor Arno Smets has been named one of the first Mission Innovation Champions, a new initiative to honour pioneers in the field of clean energy.

27 May 2019

Pavol Bauer and Gautham Ram win second prize at Revolution 2019

The e-bike has become an integral part of our everyday life, but how do charging systems take us one step further?

22 February 2019

Pavol Bauer in new BNR podcast

The e-bike has become an integral part of our everyday life, but how do charging systems take us one step further?

04 February 2019

A new approach for the fast estimation of the solar energy potential in urban environments

TU Delft researchers have developed a new approach for calculating fast and accurate the solar energy potential of surfaces in the urban environment. The new approach can significantly help architects and urban planners to incorporate photovoltaic (solar power) technology in their designs. The findings were presented on Monday 4 February in Nature Energy.

05 December 2018

The best tech idea of 2018 according KIJK is...

...the solar battery charger for electric cars made by EEMCS’ Gautham Ram!

19 June 2018

Peter Palensky announced as the new editor in chief of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Magazine for 2019-2021

13 April 2018

Pavol Bauer, Gautham Ram and Menno Kardolus awarded “Most Significant Innovation in Electric Vehicles” prize

At the IDTechShow! the prize for the “most significant new innovation in hybrid or pure electric vehicles” whether by land, water or air was awarded to Pavol Bauer, Gautham Ram (TU Delft) and Menno Kardolus (PRelectronics).

23 March 2018

Direct high-speed charging of electric cars by solar panels

Researcher Gautham Ram Chandra Mouli developed a system which charges electric cars quickly and directly using solar power. On Monday 26 March, he will be awarded his PhD at TU Delft for his work on this subject.

19 February 2018

Protection of future power systems

Windmills and solar panels are only the visible part of the energy transition. The power grid itself, already one of the most complex systems ever designed by humankind, is undergoing its own transition to ensure a high enough reliability in a future with up to 100% distributed power generation.

12 February 2018

Grant for designing an online monitoring & diagnostics system for HVDC GIS

Armando Rodrigo Mor (Department Electrical Sustainable Energy) received a grant for the project called ‘DC GIS Technology Demonstrator’ within the European H2020 project PROMOTioN.

07 February 2018

The Delft Power System Protection Centre received a NWO grant

The TU Delft Power System Protection Centre (PSPC), under leadership of Marjan Popov (Department Electrical Sustainable Energy), has received a NWO grant for research on ‘Resilient Synchromeasurement-based Grid Protection Platform’.

07 December 2017

Gianluca Limodio won the Best Student Award at the symposium ‘Silicon for Photovoltaics’

Gianluca Limodio from the Photovoltaic Material and Devices group has been awarded with the Best Student Award at the Symposium ‘Silicon for Photovoltaics’ during the ‘Material Research Society 2017 Fall meeting’ held in Boston.

09 November 2017

Peter Palensky (ESE) elected as IEEE IES AdCom Member-at-large

Peter Palensky was elected IEEE IES AdCom Member-at-large last week in Beijing. This is a 3-year appointment in the Administrative Committee of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society.. With this role, he will be sitting at the centre of the most important IEEE journals, conferences, et cetera.

13 October 2017

Prestigious prizes for members of PVMD group at EUPVSEC

Fai Tong Si (PhD student) and Ronald van Schie (MSc student) of the research group Photovoltaic Materials and Devices (PVMD) have won the Best Student Award and the Best Poster Award, respectively, at the European solar cell conference (EUPVSEC) in Amsterdam in the field Silicon Photovoltaics.

10 May 2017

EEMCS launches international PhotoVoltaic Systems Summer School

Following a successful introduction of on campus and online education on solar energy, Delft University of Technology will launch an international Photovoltaic Systems Summer School from 2 to 9 July this year. By organizing the summer school, the university wants to serve participants who plan and desire taking a career step towards practical solar energy engineering and/or who already have a job in the field but wish to gain a deeper knowledge. Therefore, it is intended for PhD candidates, PostDocs, researchers and engineers. The summer school will offer theoretical knowledge and practical training in design, installation, understanding, and monitoring of PV systems.

10 April 2017

“Sulphur hexafluoride has a global warming potential of roughly 23,000 times that of CO2.”

PhD candidate Dennis van der Born will obtain his doctorate on 11 April, with his thesis “Dielectric Coatings for High-Voltage Gas-Insulated Switchgear”. He did his research within the DC systems, Energy Conversion & Storage group and was supervised by Johan Smit.

17 February 2017

"I am an expert in the reliability of components and materials in high voltage energy networks"

Rob Ross is now part-time professor in the DC systems, Energy Conversion & Storage group. He has a background in materials, high voltage and statistics and works in the Supernet NL project on the superconductive cable, which may replace the power pylons in the future.

16 January 2017

'Charging of electric vehicles while driving will soon become a reality'

Pavol Bauer (Electrical Sustainable Energy) is involved in an H2020 project with 13 partners focusing on the metrology for inductive charging based on resonant coupling.