Apart from educational courses taking place at the PVLAB, the PVLAB and its facilities are available for use by any TU Delft student to preform research and experiments related to photovoltaic materials and solar energy. Such as, experiments needed for MSc. thesis projects and student-led extracurricular projects. Examples of students and projects that are making use of the PVLAB facilities as part of the quest to answer their research questions are,


  • Building Integrated Photovoltaics Feasibility Analysis

         MSc thesis project by Rajeev Reddy.

A project aiming at designing a photovoltaic system that substantially, or preferably completely, covers the electricity needs of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science at TU Delft. For that purpose tests and measurements will be made using instruments and equipment available at the PVLAB. The data collected from those tests will be used for creating estimates and models in the preliminary design phase, for selecting the optimal components during the detailed design phase, and for final testing of the system before installation.


  • Maximum Power Point Tracking Under Heterogeneous Illumination Conditions 

         MSc thesis project by Chris Tzikas Stavropoulos.

Investigating the effects of varying illumination, temperature and partial shading patterns on the function and the power output of photovoltaic modules by simulating a string of PV modules in a Matlab/Simulink environment. This procedure was followed by an experiments in the PVLAB to validate the simulation model.