Jasper van der Waa

Jasper van der Waa is a researcher at TNO as well as a PhD student in the Interactive Intelligence group at the Technical University Delft. His research focusses on human-centered AI and tackles associated challenges from his background in AI and Machine Learning. One of the biggest challenges, and his PhD topic, is that of Explainable AI; how to enable an AI to generate explanations that help humans to make better use of them. This is in line with his general aim towards the development of AI that is not only impactful but also suits our societal norms and values; to develop AI we would gladly use and are ready to rely upon.

Besides his work on XAI, other research challenges regard the collaboration between humans and AI. Challenges such as how humans should delegate autonomous systems, what ideal forms of human-AI collaborations are and how research on these topics can be streamlined and benchmarked. Most of Jasper’s research takes place at TNO, a Dutch research institute that connects fundamental research with the industry and society. In all of his projects, he strives for impact that betters our society.

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