Babak Loni

Research Interests

Recommendation Systems
Machine Learning
Natural Language Processing

I am now working in the Multimedia Computing group of Delft University Technology as a PhD student. My current research is about Recommender Systems. I am developing new algorithms for Context-Aware and Cross-Domain recommender systems. My current research is within the European FP7 project, CrowdRec, which is about crowd-powered recommendation for continues media and social networks.

The updated list of my publications can be found in my google scholar page.

WrapRec Project
WrapRec, started in 2014, is an easy-to-use Recommender Systems evaluation toolkit that allows users to easily implement or wrap recommendation algorithms from other toolkits. The toolkit is written with C# and the source code is publicly available in Github.

Master Students Supervison
Recently, Bjarni Anrason graudated as a master student in the MMC group under my supervison. His topic was Influence of Auxiliary Features in Factorization-based Collaborative Filtering.

You can find more information about me in my personal website.