Accelerated Big Data Systems

The Accelerated Big Data Systems (ABS) group performs research into high performance computing infrastructure to enable the efficient processing of big data problems. A number of research topics are carried out in the group, mainly focused on enabling next generation high performance computer hardware to perform scalable big data analytics, such as addressing the limitations in parallelism on a scalable computational infrastructure. In addition, we work on enabling efficient utilization of computer hardware and enabling easy integration of GPUs and FPGAs into big data frameworks.

Research in the field of accelerated big data analytics is mainly industrially driven to address real-life challenges in the field. One application domain our group focuses on is the field of genomics and personalized medicine. This is becoming an extremely data-driven field due to the abundance of extremely large DNA datasets and the high complexity of the analysis algorithms. This effort has results in high-tech spinoff called Bluebee active at the intersection of genomic analysis and high performance big data analytics.

The ABS group contributes to several master programs, such as the Computer Engineering Master and the Embedded Systems Master. The following video gives an idea on how the domain of accelerated big data analytics in general contributes to solving real-life challenges and how it fits within the educational programs in TUDelft.

TU Delft - MSc programme Computer Engineering

Section leader

Zaid Al-Ars

Google Scholar

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