The ABS group provides a tailored set of educational courses that form the big data acceleration profile within the Computer Engineering Masters program. These courses allow students to build their skills in the field and provide them with the tools needed to contribute at the bleeding-edge of research both industrially and academically. Students following these courses are valued by the industry and get job offers in various high-tech companies such as Philips, ASML and NXP. These courses are as follows.

  • EE4C07 Advanced Computing Systems (Q1): This course discusses the most widely used computational platforms (CPUs, GPUs and FPGAs), while addressing the theoretical and practical trade-offs in computer system organization and the latest developments and trends in computer architecture.
  • ET4074 Modern Computer Architectures (Q2): The course emphasises on theoretical aspects and practical trade-offs of computer architecture and organization of the newest microprocessors currently on the market, and the latest developments in computer architecture research.
  • ET4370 Reconfigurable Computing Design (Q2): This course introduces the students to the field of Reconfigurable Computing. The course provides a balanced insight of both theoretical trends and practical hands-on experience with reconfigurable technology.
  • ET4054 Methods and Algorithms for System Design (Q2): This course presents modeling methods that can be used in the context of system design and discusses the main issues considered to design a system that satisfies a number of relevant performance indices.
  • ET4310 Supercomputing for Big Data (Q5): This course introduces the students to the most important concepts of big data and the available tools and systems used to process it.

In addition, the ABS group contributes to several master programs, such as the Computer Engineering Master and the Embedded Systems Master.