Quantum Simulator

Simulation of Quantum Computers: the QX simulator

Quantum computing is rapidly evolving especially after the discovery of several efficient quantum algorithms solving intractable classical problems such as Shor's factoring algorithm. However the realization of a large-scale physical quantum computer is very challenging and the number of qubits that are currently under development is still very low. In the absence of large size experimental platforms, quantum computer simulation is critical for developing and testing quantum algorithms and investigating the different challenges facing the design of quantum computer hardware.

The QX Simulator is a universal quantum computer simulator developed  by Nader Khammassi. The QX Simulator allows quantum algorithm designers to simulate the execution of their quantum circuits on a quantum computer. The simulator defines a low-level quantum assembly language (cQASM) namely Quantum Code which allows the users to describe their circuits in a simple textual source code file. The source code file is then used as the input of the simulator which executes its content.