Koen Bertels


I am the head of the Quantum Computer Architectures Lab. I currently focus on Quantum Computing and more specifically on the overall system design and architecture aspects. In this respect, I am a principal investigator in Qutech where I collaborate  with experimental physicists on building prototype quantum processors.

In the past, my research interests spanned two of the three research pillars of the Lab, namely Multi and Many-core architectures and Electronic System Level Design. More specifically, I was responsible for the Delft Workbench project that aims to provide semi-automatic support for designing heterogeneous multicore platforms where reconfigurable technology offers plenty of possibilities to generate application specific hardware at runtime. An overview of relevant publications on various topics related to heterogeneous multicore computing can be found on my research page.

I also started two companies. The first with colleagues from the CE lab and Wayne Luk from Imperial College, called BlueBee and that provides a cloud service for genome sequencing. Bluebee received 10 Mio € venture capital in 2016. More information can be found on the BlueBee website. The second company is a financial portfoliomanagement software company in Luxemburg, called Upsilon (www.upsilon.lu)

If you are looking for a time slot to meet me, please look at my agenda and propose a time slot.


Prof.dr.ir. K.L.M. Bertels