Lab Infrastructure

The Quantum IC group led by Dr. Sebastiano and Dr.Babaie has two full labs  dedicated to the characterization of RF, analog, mixed-signal, and digital circuits and electronic devices, both at room temperature and at cryogenic temperature. The cryogenic setups include 4-K wet dipsticks, a 1.8-K Lakeshore CPX probe station and a Bluefors XLD dilution fridge. The labs are located in the Applied Physics building (Building 22) and have use of the He recirculation system and He liquefier.
Additional common facilities are available, in addition to the above-mentioned cryogenic lab, for fabrication, packaging and prototyping. High-level support by experienced technicians and engineers for electronic measurements, mechanical  and cryogenic cooling.


PhD students in one of the cryogenic labs testing a cryo-CMOS chip at room temperature before dipping it in liquid He with a dipstick for cryogenic characterization.
The Lakeshore CPX probe station allows RF and low-leakage probing on chip cooled down to 1.8 K.
The Bluefors XLD dilution fridge (without radiation shield, the enclosure, and the superconducting magnet). The fridge can host experiments including qubits, e.g., spin qubits in silicon, cooled down to 10 mK and cryogenic electronics. The cryogenic electronics can be placed at several different stages depending on the operating temperature and the power dissipated by the electronics. This specific fridge is equipped with an extra 4-K plate thermally decoupled form the lower-temperature plates, so that cryogenic electronics with power consumption well above 1 W can be cooled without altering the functionality of the qubits.