The Distributed Systems (DS) group is one of the sections of the Department of Software Technology (ST) of the Faculty Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, and Computer Science (EEMCS) of Delft University of Technology. Until 2015, the DS group was called the Parallel and Distributed Systems (PDS) group.

The mission of the DS group is to model, design, implement, and analyze distributed systems and algorithms. Its research is fundamental, aimed at the development and evaluation of new generic concepts in systems software, and application-driven, motivated by important application areas, such as e-science, big data processing, blockchains, large-scale machine learning, and online social networks. Much of it is experimental, validating the proposed new concepts by means of implementation and deployment in prototypes that are used in the real world. The two research areas of the DS group are distributed machine-learning systems and cooperative systems (with a strong focus on blockchain technology). The Section Distributed Systems leads the Delft Blockchain Lab.

The teaching of the DS group consists of BSc courses on networks and operating systems, and of MSc courses on Blockchain Engineering, Cloud Computing, Distributed Algorithms, Distributed Systems and Performance Analysis of Computer Systems.

A slide set with an overview of the Distributed Systems Group.


  • Here are the annual 1-page reports of the Distributed Systems group (2018, 2017, 2016, 2015).