Introductory to MSc Embedded Systems Track at TU Delft

MSc Available Projects

We are currently looking for master students to join our group. In order to make the most out of a thesis we require students to be properly prepared by taking 3 out of the following 4 advanced courses offered by the ES section:

If you are interested in graduating with the ES section, please come by to discuss possible topics (contact person: Marco Zuniga). You can find a presentation outlining the available research topics here. Alternatively, you can do an external project with an embedded-systems oriented company. We do have a few industrial contacts with open projects (for example, check available assignments at TNO and ABB), but are also interested in new collaborations, so you may take the opportunity to find a company and research topic yourself.

A brief outlook of possible MSc topics in our group:

Ongoing MSc Projects

  • Vinay Pathi Balaji - Virtual Referee: Detection and Prevention of Offsides in Football Through Player Tracking [Supervisor: Marco Zuniga]
  • David Bissett - Analyzing TDoA Localization in LoRa Networks [Supervisor: Marco Zuniga]
  • Carlo Delle Donne - Intermittent Communication [Supervisor: Przemyslaw Pawelczak]
  • Patricia Garcia Ferrin - Indoor Localization and Tracking of Mobile Objects in a Healthcare Facility [Project at MoMo Medical] [Supervisor: Marco Zuniga]
  • Priyanka Garg - Performance Evaluation of a LoRaWAN and Development of an Optimized ADR Model [Supervisor: Fernando Kuipers]
  • Anand Haridas - Energy Harvesting in LPWANs [Supervisor: R. Venkatesha Prasad]
  • Javier James - Bluetooth Indoor Localization and Classification of Space Varying Beacons with Random Obstacle Interference [Supervisor: Koen Langendoen]
  • Thijmen Ketel - New Avenues in CSI-based Identification [Supervisor: Marco Zuniga and Przemyslaw Pawelczak]
  • Vincent Koeten - Low-power Monitoring of Laying Hospital Patients [Project at MoMo Medical] [Supervisor: Przemyslaw Pawelczak]
  • Vito Kortbeek - Compiler Support for Task-based Intermittent Programming [Supervisor: Przemyslaw Pawelczak]
  • Sergio Saul Soto Munoz Ledo - Elderly Safety Monitoring using IoT [Project at Philips Research] [Supervisor: R. Venkatesha Prasad]
  • Rendong Liu - Advanced Data Management and Analysis for Distributed Energy Management System [Project at Royal Dutch Shell] [Supervisor: R. Venkatesha Prasad]
  • Kavya Managundi - Localization and Occupancy Detection using Grid Eye Sensor [Supervisor: R. Venkatesha Prasad]
  • Victoria Mavrikopoulou - In-networks Indoor Localization [Project at Crownstone] [Supervisor: R. Venkatesha Prasad]
  • Guillermo Ortas - Massive Backscatter Networks [Supervisor: Przemyslaw Pawelczak]
  • Chaitra Pai - Communication using Sunlight [Supervisor: Marco Zuniga]
  • Dimitris Patoukas - Intermittent Interrupt Handling [Supervisor: Przemyslaw Pawelczak]
  • Patrick Schilder - Intermittent Voice Recognition [Supervisor: Przemyslaw Pawelczak]
  • Sander van der Spree - Visible Light Communication with Mobile Lights [Supervisor: Marco Zuniga]
  • Gauri Tawde - Scalability in LoRa Network [Supervisor: R. Venkatesha Prasad]
  • Matthijs den Toom - Object Searching Swarm Robots [Supervisor: Koen Langendoen]
  • Caspar Treijtel - Real-Time Systems [Supervisor: Koen Langendoen]
  • Chang Yan - Escort system for indoor navigation [Supervisor: Marco Zuniga]
  • Casper van Wezel - Smart City Platform [Supervisor: Marco Zuniga]

Completed MSc Projects