Multiple PhD Vacancies in Crowd Computing

We are seeking motivated individuals interested in pursuing a PhD in Computer Science. Ideal candidates would have a MSc degree in Computer Science, Mathematics or a related field, be broadly interested in Human Computation and Crowdsourcing, and in building hybrid human-machine systems to tackle problems of societal importance. We aim to attract multiple PhD candidates in the Crowd Computing team headed by Jie Yang and Ujwal Gadiraju at the Web Information Systems group of the EEMCS faculty at TU Delft.  

Crowd computing involves algorithmic engagement and coordination of people by means of Web-enabled platforms. These complex tasks are mainly focused on the creation, enrichment, and interpretation of data, making crowd computing a building block of data science: from Facebook to Microsoft, from Google to IBM, from Spotify to Pandora, all major companies employ crowd computing to fulfil their data needs, both by involving employees, and by reaching out to anonymous crowds through online marketplaces like Amazon Mechanical Turk. The Crowd Computing team will focus on leveraging human intelligence in combination with machines to solve important problems that breach multiple disciplines including Machine Learning, Information Retrieval, Computer Vision and NLP.

We are of course dependent on the availability of funding, but we have a number of projects lined up, so you can make your interest known to us. 

In order to indicate your interest, please send your complete CV to Dr. Ujwal Gadiraju (Assistant Professor) and Prof. Dr. Geert-Jan Houben (Full Professor and head of the Web Information Systems group) prefixing the email subject with [Crowd Computing - PhD Application].

Post-doc position: Developing Diversity Metrics for Social Media

People are using information technologies like news aggregators and social media platforms to get and share information at an increasing rate. This has great potential; a more knowledgeable citizenry creates more stable democracies. However, filtering and ranking algorithms such as recommender systems can contribute to increased polarization. Understanding and finding solutions to complex (societal) issues on the other hand often requires us to view those issues from a variety of perspectives.

The research will entail outlining which features of diversity in news promotes epistemic ends (e.g., knowledge, understanding), and tools for measuring this diversity. The use case will be focused on discussions of news on Twitter and the news sources that people link to from Twitter on debated topics. The results of the research will be a toolkit for measuring diversity on a variety of dimensions (e.g., diversity in viewpoint, diversity in topics, and diversity in reasons for or against a given viewpoint).

PhD position at Lambda-Lab (IR, NLP, data science)

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Postdoc: (Big) Data Management with focus on Scalable ML and Stream Analytics

Position Duration: Two years with possibility of extension.Expected start date: ASAP

Job Description: We are seeking a motivated postdoctoral researcher to work on data management with applications to scalable machine learning and/or stream analytics, in the context of the Delft Data Science (DDS) institute. DDS has strong ties to both academia and industry. Postdoctoral researchers at DDS will be expected to publish papers in top venues, to take part in international collaborations with companies and research institutes, seek funding, and lead the development of open-source software.

The ideal candidate is an ambitious researcher who has recently obtained a PhD in the broad area of databases/data management, distributed systems, or machine learning, with publications in the top venues of their field. We seek candidates who love putting their research results into practice and are open to investigate new research directions.

How to apply: In order to apply please send your CV to Asterios Katsifodimos (Assistant Professorl) and Geert-Jan Houben (Full Professor and head of the Web Information Systems group) prefixing the email subject with [DDS Postdoc Application - data management].

Vacancies connected to data science & Delft Data Science

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