As the EEMCS Diversity and Inclusion Team (EDIT) our vision is to become the go-to place for all issues related to diversity and inclusion in our faculty. Our objective is that EEMCS students and employees feel that their concerns about diversity and inclusion are taken seriously and are properly addressed. 

We firmly believe that diversity is the key for ensuring that a variety of approaches, insights and ideas blossom and contribute directly to innovation and creativity. However, diversity without inclusion is an empty gesture. We want that our students and staff feel at home and valued, regardless of their sex, age, background, sexual orientation or functional disability.

People in EDIT

Tina Nane

Tina Nane is an Associate Professor in Applied Probability at Delft Institute of Applied Mathematics. Since September 2021, Tina has been appointed the EEMCS Diversity Officer. Her research focuses on uncertainty quantification, using both data-driven and data-missing models, and she is passionate about teaching. She strives for a more inclusive environment in our faculty.

Jorge Martinez Castaneda

Jorge Martinez Castaneda is an Assistant Professor in Intelligent Systems (INSY). Apart from being an educator and a scientist he considers himself an idealist and feminist, dreaming and striving at making education and science accessible and inclusive for everyone.  

Luciano Cavalcante Siebert

Luciano Siebert is an assistant professor at the Intelligent Systems department. His research focuses on responsible artificial intelligence (AI), eg how agents can identify and respond to diverse people's values. He strives to make educational environments more diverse and inclusive for all.  

Sanne Alblas

Sanne Alblas works at the EEMCS Graduate School.

Judith Kesler-van der Lugt

Judith Kesler works as an educational advisor at the Education & Student Affairs department. She is passionate about learning and enjoys working on educational challenges. Contributing to an inclusive teaching and learning environment is what she strives for on a daily basis.

Floortje Koster

Floortje Koster works for the EEMCS faculty as a communications and information officer. Together with students and lecturers she organizes open days, master weeks and other informative events for prospective and current students.

Florine Dekker

Florine is a PhD student at EEMCS researching privacy-enhancing technologies. As a member of EDIT, she aims to increase visibility and awareness of LGBTQ+ people at TU Delft.

Georgios Iosifidis

George Iosifidis is an Assistant Professor with the Department of Software Technology. As a member of EDIT, he works towards making TU Delft and EWI an even more inclusive, diverse and socially-safe place.

Ids van der Werf

Ids van der Werf is a PhD student in the Signal Processing Systems (SPS) group. He serves as a representative for the Faculty PhD Council in the EDIT Team, advocating for the needs of fellow PhD students and raising awareness of their challenges.

Bhavika Dhar

Bhavika Dhar is a second year masters student of Integrated Product Design at the Industrial Design Engineering department. She is interested in technological design and project lifecycle and likes to create appealing visual strategies for the best information relay. 

Shirley de Wit

Shirley de Wit is a PhD student at Software Technology within the Centre for Education and learning. Within her research she focuses on women in Computer Science and wants to apply theory into practice via EDIT.

Pravesha Ramsundersingh

Pravesha Ramsundersingh is a student in Computer Science. "Due to the concerning cases of transgressive behaviour within the university, I hope to raise public awareness to actively prevent such situations and ensure that each and every individual feels safe on campus. This opportunity as member of EDIT will allow me to be an advocate for social safety, and trigger an acceleration to change the system fundamentally through a clear set of new rules, regulations and a Code of Conduct to make our university community feel safe and protected".

Chirag Raman

Chirag is an Assistant Professor within the Department of Intelligent Systems (INSY). His research focuses on developing computational techniques and tools to anticipate, analyze, record, and synthesize multimodal social human behavior—especially in physically-situated or virtually-embodied interactions. As part of EDIT, Chirag focuses on neurodiversity, striving to make our educational environment more inclusive for those with different learning needs.

What we do

We are aligned with the TU Delft-wide Diversity Office but specialized on EEMCS. Our functions are threefold:


We want to provide advice and unsolicited advice to the dean and the department heads with all issues related to diversity. At the same time our objective is to maintain a dialogue with HR and collaborate with them in order to develop policies to change the root cause of the problems in the faculty.


Monitoring and measuring is always the first step in solving and controlling a problem. One of our targets is to conduct diversity scans and staff and student surveys. We want to keep numbers and statistics in check!

Distinguished Fellows