Faculty Diversity Team

EEMCS Diversity & Inclusion Team (EDIT)

As the EEMCS Diversity and Inclusion Team (EDIT) our vision is to become the go-to place for all issues related to diversity and inclusion in our faculty. Our objective is that EEMCS students and employees feel that their concerns about diversity and inclusion are taken seriously and are properly addressed. 

We firmly believe that diversity is the key for ensuring that a variety of approaches, insights and ideas blossom and contribute directly to innovation and creativity. However, diversity without inclusion is an empty gesture. We want that our students and staff feel at home and valued, regardless of their sex, age, background, sexual orientation or functional disability.

What we do

We are aligned with the <link en about-tu-delft working-at-tu-delft coming-to-the-netherlands-tu-delft good-reasons-to-work-at-tu-delft diversity-inclusion diversity-office>TU Delft-wide Diversity Office but specialized on EEMCS. Our functions are threefold:


We want to provide advice and unsolicited advice to the dean and the department heads with all issues related to diversity. At the same time our objective is to maintain a dialogue with HR and collaborate with them in order to develop policies to change the root cause of the problems in the faculty.


Monitoring and measuring is always the first step in solving and controlling a problem. One of our targets is to conduct diversity scans and staff and student surveys. We want to keep numbers and statistics in check!

Do you think you can help us?

Write us an email with your ideas and suggestions! The core EDIT team meet on a monthly basis but we keep regular check of our mailbox. If you think you have a good idea to start an initiative about diversity and inclusion in our faculty maybe we can help you to set up a working group for the purpose! Do not hesitate to contact us :)

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