• Providing advice regarding subsidy applications
  • Designing and developing equipment and rigs for experimental research
  • Building prototypes
  • Providing specialised support
  • Providing advice in the fields of mechanical engineering and electronics

Based on our in-house expertise and knowledge, we translate the client's request into specifications. We then use modern computer tools to turn these specifications into a digital design.
Working with our range of modern and well-equipped machines, we are also able to physically implement the digital design in our workshop.

If we do not have the facilities or capacity needed, we assist our clients with contracting the work to other parties.

  • Modelling and simulation
  • Precision machining
  • Design and construction
  • Building experimental instruments  
  • Milling: conventional and CNC
  • Lathing: conventional and CNC  
  • CNC electrical discharge machining (EDM)
  • Micro EDM
  • Wire EDM 
  • 3D printing
  • Sheet metal work   
  • (Laser) welding
  • Systems design
  • Instrumentation, calibration, data acquisition, imaging
  • Servo and control techniques for electrical and hydraulic  systems
  • Analogue techniques, low noise, high frequency, integrated circuits
  • High-voltage techniques
  • Digital techniques including programmable hardware
  • Digital signal processing
  • Power electronics (energy conversion)
  • PC software (LabVIEW) and embedded software
  • Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) 
  • Component mounting techniques, PCB assembly, coil winding
  • Maintenance and management of existing and new equipment