Delft Energy Initiative

The Delft Energy Initiative DEI is TU Delft's scientific community on sustainable, affordable, reliable, and inclusive energy. 1000 researchers, supported by an even larger army of PhD and other students work on technology, methods, principles, insight, and solutions for the energy system of the future. The DEI serves as a catalyst between research, society, industry, and businesses in order to accelerate the energy transition. It is your entry point to TU Delft's vibrant ecosystem of future energy.

The initiative consists of 4 main cross-faculty energy institutes: Wind Energy; Urban Energy; PowerWeb and e-Refinery. Of course there is some overlap; that is why the institutes are in close contact with each other. Themes like Social Innovation and Governance cross each institute. The energy platforms Ocean Energy; H2 and eBattery are also involved. Below you will find the links to the institutes and platforms.

A startup related to the energy transition can obtain a voucher through the Delft Energy Instiative and researchers can win an amount of money with their publication annualy. Our 'Energy Club' ensures that all TU Delft students can exchange knowledge about the latest research and energy education through interesting events.

The 4 energy Institutes

Energy Platforms