From Bachelor students to Postdoctoral Engineers, TU Delft engages you at every level of education in the field of energy. The TU Delft offers more than 120 energy courses, several energy programmes and numerous student projects that cover the technical, ethical and market aspects of the energy theme. This page offers you an overview of all the courses and programmes related to energy.  


All Bachelor courses

With a Bachelor’s Degree from the TU Delft, you can choose a lot of pathways that suit your interests. Some of the Bachelor Degree programmes have a stronger component energy in the curriculum than others.

How to make a choice for your Bachelor Programme? Look into the Master of Science Programmes and the field that interests you to find a matching Bachelor Programme which qualifies for admission to these Master’s Programmes.  


As a Bachelor student at TU Delft you have a wide range of options to actively engage in energy projects and courses. Do you want to participate in a course on wind energy? Are you going to develop the new Nuna, a solar vehicle? Will you organize a visit to a power plant? Find these activities, courses, projects and more below.  

Energy minors

As concerns about our energy supply continue to mount, today’s energy market is calling for energy engineers with wide-ranging knowledge who are willing to look beyond the boundaries of their own degree discipline. In order to prepare its students for working in the energy field, TU Delft  offers several minors that enable you to add an energy dimension to your Bachelor’s degree:

Or take a look at our minor overview.

Student projects

Do you want to be involved in energy events, projects and other activities to broaden your knowledge and skills concerning energy? Check out the topics below and explore our network to get an impression of the project or event that suits you.

Student teams

Check out all energy projects in student teams and in cooperation with other organisations.


In the Honours Programme Delft you take the initiative to put together your own problem in excellence. The possibilities are numerous and are dependent on your own interests and challenges. Do you want to do something in the field of energy? Get in touch with the Energy Club and explore a large network of energy professionals and students. Discover your energy talent!


There are ample opportunities to do your internship in the field of energy. To start your quest for an internship you can visit the internship office or contact the Energy Club.


Many TU Delft Masters’ programmes are focused on energy or offer tracks that are related to energy themes.

Program's & tracks

There are several Masterprogrammes and tracks with a large energy component. This is an overview of these energy programmes:

In the more general Master programmes there are also lots of opportunities to specialise in the direction of energy. Take a look at our overview of all Master programmes at TU Delft

Student projects

Are you an Honours student? Are you interested in special energy projects that challenge you as an excellent students to do research, organize an event or build a network in the energy field? Check out the current initiatives at the Energy Club or get in touch with the Energy Club to explore new possibilities.


There are ample opportunities to do your internship in the field of energy. To start your quest for an internship you can visit the internship office or contact the Energy Club.


Doctoral degree programmes at the TU Delft cover a wide range of topics in science, engineering and design. To find out more about the degrees programs related to energy click on the links below. You can find current vacancies on  

Proffesional education

Looking for energy focused education opportunities as a professional or manager in the energy field?  Our School of Executive Education TU Delft, Delft Top Tech, and Post Academic Education develop programmes that suit your needs, goals, and intellectual interests.  

Online learning

Click here if you are interested in online learning on the topic of sustainable energy.