Energy Startup Voucher

Do you have an idea that could help the energy transition? Are you interested in creating a startup based on your idea? Or, do you have a startup and need support to grow? The Energy Startup Voucher offers students and recent graduates up to € 5.000,- to support the growth of startups working on the energy transition.

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Companies with Energy Startup Voucher

SeaO2 BV - 2023 - Rezvan Sharifian
Utilizing technology developed in Delft University of Technology and Wetsus’s laboratories, SeaO₂ provides cost efficient atmospheric carbon removal by leveraging our biggest ally in battling climate change – the ocean.

Agora Solutions BV - 2022 - Tom Venrooy
We want to ensure that all ocean farmers have the opportunity to make efficient and responsible decisions, so we create data-driven solutions for complex marine environments.
We are building a future where ocean farmers can adapt strategies, operations and farm designs to the dynamic ocean environment.

Coolset BV - 2021 -
Your tools to decarbonize.All in one place.
Identify your company's emissions in a matter of days. Join the companies committed to reducing the carbon footprint of our planet. Advanced analytics to shift through the noise and act on your impact. Engage suppliers and drive reduction across your value chain. Plan future actions that drive down your emissions and track your progress on your net zero journey. Let our software generate the best path forward or engage your team so you can do that together.

SpectX BV - 2019 - Goveas Akhilesh
SpectX is committed to building an aerial radiography system capable of detecting internal structural defects in real-time through AI approaches.
From Asset Management to Engineering, all critical services are provided under one umbrella.