Energy Startup Voucher

Do you have an idea that could help the energy transition? Are you interested in creating a startup based on your idea? Or, do you have a startup and need support to grow?

The Energy Startup Voucher offers students and recent graduates up to € 5.000 to support the growth of startups working on the energy transition.

Eligible recipients include:
·  Entrepreneurs with an innovative idea, that intend to start a business based on the idea
·  Students or PhD researchers at TU Delft, or recent graduates of TU Delft who have graduated no more than two years prior to submitting an application
·  Download the Energy Startup Voucher Conditions to view all eligibility criteria

Steps to apply:
·  Step 1: Download and complete the Energy Startup Application Form.
·  Step 2: Email the completed Energy Startup Application Form to
·  Step 3: Your proposal will be sent to two reviewers who will evaluate your application and determine the outcome. The criteria for your application evaluation are the attractiveness of your idea, impact on energy transition and last but not least the track record of the applicant and his/her team.
·  Step 4: You will be notified of the decision in 3-4 weeks.

Tips for your application:
·  Clearly define the challenge your business is trying to solve and explain how it contributes to the energy transition.
·  Ideas and startups with a high likelihood of feasibility will be more likely to be awarded a voucher.
·  Ideas and startups which are novel, and which have a promising business model will be more likely to be awarded a voucher.
·  Startup vouchers can only be granted once.

The Energy Startup Voucher program is a collaboration between the Delft Energy Initiative, the TU Delft Innovation & Impact Centre, Delft Enterprises and YES!Delft.

Delft Energy Initiative
The Delft Energy Initiative is the portal to energy research, education and innovation at TU Delft. This initiative serves as a catalyst for collaboration and debate between scientists and students and between TU Delft and businesses, government agencies and politicians. Read more about the Delft Energy Initiative.

TU Delft Innovation & Impact Centre
In addition to education and research, technology transfer is a key factor in the success of TU Delft. TU Delft Innovation & Impact Centre in collaboration with a great number of partners, translate technological innovations into applications contributing to impact a better society. Read more about the TU Delft Innovation and Impact Centre.   

Delft Enterprises
Delft Enterprises invests in spin-outs of Delft University of Technology. It offers advice and funding for students and employees of the university who want to start a company. Read more about Delft Enterprises.

YES!Delft is a leading tech incubator in Europe helping promising innovative ideas to grow into successful companies. YES!Delft provides wide variety of services such as YES!PROGRAMS, YES!TALENTS, YES!FUNDED and YES!ECOSYSTEM. Read more about YES!Delft.

Interested in additional support for your startup?
With its numerous platforms and resources, Delft Energy Initiative offers the winners of the Energy Startup Voucher a wide-range of support and guidance. Consider some of the following platforms and resource:

YES!Delft Students – where students become entrepreneurs

Delft Centre for Entrepreneurship (DCE) | LinkedIn

Registration and information for the Energy Startup Information Event
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