Energy efficient design

Making products and systems sustainable is not just a matter of adding some solar panels or rolling out a smart grid. Designers will need to investigate people’s attitudes towards new energy efficient products and design new products, systems and services that will really change user behaviour and lifestyles.

Energy efficient design and a sustainable future energy supply

“I believe that designers are the ones to create the real transition to a more sustainable energy consumption. Of course they can do this by designing products that use sustainable energy technology: solar panels on products are already quite common. But they can do more than that by redesigning the way we think about energy use, taking as a starting point the fact that energy is a scarce commodity.” Angele Reinders, Full Professor Energy Efficient Design TU Delft and Universiteit Twente.    

Energy efficient design at TU Delft

TU Delft researches and designs innovative technology-based products and user-oriented solutions that help to make the energy transition happen. For this purpose researchers and students evaluate and improve the energy performance of products, services, households and living environments. They  monitor, simulate and involve end-users in order to develop knowledge and methods that can enhance the sustainability of their designs. The focus is on a higher energy-efficiency and an increased use of sustainable energy.

These spin-offs are part of Yes!Delft, the incubator of the Delft municipality, TNO and the TU Delft.