The Delft Plan

Key role for the Netherlands in European energy market

What will Europe look like in the year 2050? And most importantly, how can we start preparing now for major and complex changes in our energy infrastructure, while also ensuring that the Dutch economy continues to prosper? That is central question of The Delft Plan: the Netherlands as Europe’s Energy Gateway. The plan is TU Delft’s proposal to initiate a movement to harness the power of the Netherlands for the European energy sector.

The Delft Plan offers a future direction for policy, market actors, science and other stakeholders, which aims for no-regret steps. For TU Delft, it is also a means of further developing its scientific strengths. Energy conversion, storage, trade and transport are all key concepts in this.

Scientific elaboration of The Delft Plan

Scientific challenges for the future lie in the following fields:

  • Conversion technology
  • System integration
  • New energy carriers
  • Biobased economy
  • Sustainable energy technology
  • Material research for energy generation, conversion and storage
  • Smart Grids

TU Delft will be working together with research partners to explore these research themes further so that they can be included in the Dutch Science Agenda as a source of inspiration.

For more information, please contact the Delft Energy Initiative.